An open letter to GP’s

Dear GP’s,

I have huge respect for what you do. Long hours, too many patients, too much paperwork and not enough time with each patient.

You are pushed to breaking point and its not fair on you.

Even though you are already busy, I would like to ask a favour.

Please can you stop prescribing drugs to patients so willingly. I know that sounds crazy. You are a medical practitioner, you supply drugs to make people better. But are you truly making your patients better? In the long term?

I will give a demonstration of what I mean…

So a patient comes in with high cholesterol. Its not uncommon nowadays and is quite an easy fix. You test his cholesterol levels, supply some meds and the patient makes another appointment for 3 months time. In 3 months he has his cholesterol levels checked again and success! His levels are down to within the recommended levels. Job Done. Another patient fixed right? Wrong.

At no point in the last 3 months has anybody explained to this patient what causes high cholesterol or how he/she can change their diet to naturally reduce his cholesterol.

So, as I have seen with many clients, they keep eating the same foods that are loaded with saturated fats because they think the meds are enough and the diet doesn’t matter. The biggest problem here is that they are now dependant on the meds for the rest of their lives as they are not actively doing anything to correct the initial problem.

Now, this is not always the case. I know there are GP’s out there that are educating their patients and spending time to discuss diet corrections and healthy, natural ways to correct the issue. I am also aware it is not so black and white. There are many varying factors as to how to treat each patient and no two cases are the same. But putting somebody on medication for life without even giving them the chance to address the real problem is not helpful.

This problem is not of course limited to high cholesterol. The same assessments could be made for high blood pressure, diabetes and even depression.

If you look at depression, there is research to show that Niacin can have great, natural effects on the patient. As we find with many illnesses though, the very medication that is prescribed will always have side effects where as the natural form of treatment tends not to do this.

Prozac for example might help the depression in the short term but is well known to produce suicidal tendencies. Radiotherapy for cancer. Can be known to kill the targeted cancer, yes but you are putting into your body with the very thing can can cause cancer in the first place.  Would it not be a better idea to give your body the fuel to fight the disease itself rather than try and treat the symptom (I point you to the Gerson Therapy technique that does just this with amazing results)

So yes, medication has its place. No doubt about it. What we can do nowadays is amazing.

But, it is not the only solution. A person is smart. And given the right help, the right guidance, they can help themselves so much more so please give people the chance to understand their body and how they can help themselves in the future.

As a result, you might find you do not keep seeing the same patients over and over again.


Keep up the great work you do,


Yours Sincerely



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