Accidental Exercise

That word that strikes fear into most of us when we think about losing weight. Mainly because we think of endless outdoor running or heavy gym work.
What if I told you that you can increase your current amount of exercise by 400%, increase your weight loss and get fitter by not actually doing any exercise?
Sounds too good to be true right?
Well, as you are trying to lose weight, I am going to make an assumption that you currently do not do a lot of exercise. If any at all?
So we are going to look at some ‘accidental exercise’ tips for you.
What do I mean by accidental exercise? Well, basically I mean changing a few things in your daily life that will increase your daily exercise routine without you even needing to get changed into a tracksuit!
Lets look at a few examples below. They will seem a little daft at first but believe me, they will make a huge difference to a lot of people and are techniques we have used for years to increase peoples weight loss.
**Supermarket shopping**
Currently you probably drive to the supermarket and park as close to the front door as possible. Pick up your trolley, get your shopping and then wheel your shopping to the boot of your car? Apart from walking around the shop, there is no effort required.
Now I want you to park as far away from the door as possible. Walk that extra 200 yards to the shop. Next, pick up a basket or two, not a trolley. When you have finished, carry your shopping back to the car.
Before you know it, you have burned 100 calories.
**Exercise at work**
Do you have a lift at work? If you do, the chances are, you have stairs too. Lets start taking the stairs everyday. A few trips up and down the stairs and again, you are on your way to extra calorie burn and extra weight loss.
How about walking to work instead of driving? Is that possible?
Are you stuck at a desk all day? Set an hourly alarm and get up to stretch your legs. Just a walk around the office every hour, so about 8 times a day, will not only increase your calorie burn but also do wonders for your posture.
Do you take the underground to work? Have you ever thought about taking that big staircase instead of the escalator? Just think how many calories you will burn in a week if you do that a couple of times a day!
**Meeting clients**
Maybe you are an estate agent or somebody similar who has to drive to meet clients? Don’t park right outside their door or in the restaurant car park, park further down the street and walk. Get some fresh air, get yourself breathing a little more and burning some more calories.
By now, Im sure you get the idea. Look at your lifestyle. Where can you make these little changes that will make a huge difference.
** The more you move, the more calories you burn
** The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose

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