A cure for Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes

I have always said that helping people lose weight isn’t enough for me.

You can go to most gyms and there will be personal trainers there that will help you lose weight.

The problem with this is that it will mostly be through exercise right? So what happens when you stop working with the personal trainer? What happens when your gym membership expires or you become injured and cannot train? The chances are the weight will go back on. Does the personal trainer care now that you’ve left the gym? Now you’ve stopped paying them £30+ per hour? Probably not so much. You will most likely join another gym in a few years when the weight has gone back on and the cycle starts all over again. In the meantime, that personal trainer has probably had 50 more people similar to you go through the same endless cycle.

So here the emphasis will always be on good nutrition. Good habits that are sustainable long after you have forgotten me. And along the way, I will educate you in not only what you should be eating but why you are eating it. This way you are much more involved in your own healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to tell you what to do, I want you to understand and make your own decisions. You’ve been making these decisions all your life but now I want to help you make better ones.

Along with losing weight, I want to make you fitter and healthier. Take away your ailments and make life more enjoyable for you.


So, now, as promised in the title, Type 2 diabetes…….


Can we remove type two diabetes from your life??

Most likely the answer is yes but we first have to understand the many factors that go towards you having type 2 diabetes.

Not many people are aware that type two diabetes is usually genetic to some degree. By this I mean that the amount of insulin produced in your body or the quality of it can in fact be passed onto you by your parents. If both your parents have type two diabetes there is actually a 50% chance it will be passed down to you. You also have to factor in not only genetics passed on but your parents lifestyle and habits too. If both your parents have a sedentary lifestyle and eat fast food every night, then there is a good chance these habits will be passed onto the children – along with type two diabetes.

The other main cause of type two diabetes is poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. This cause is easily fixed right?


So, where to begin?


Probably you are now on medication. Most likely daily pills or an insulin injection either daily or as and when needed (depending on how severe your diabetes is). By bringing in a well-balanced, nutritious diet and bringing in some small exercise to your current lifestyle we can stop the need for daily medication. The exercise does not mean going to a gym. Walk round the park, walk to pick the kids up from school or park in the furthest parking bay at the supermarket and walk to the store. Accidental exercise.

These little things will change your life but they do not ‘cure’ the diabetes though. Once we get you to the stage of you no longer needing your meds you will have to maintain your new lifestyle. If you fall back into old habits it will not be long until you are using that nasty needle again.

Now, if you have severe type two diabetes or indeed type one diabetes, just introducing this new lifestyle will not remove the need for your medication unfortunately. The new lifestyle will reduce the need and use of the type two meds and will give you a better quality life but it will not remove the diabetes totally.

Let us start by taking away the processed foods, takeaways, sugary drinks and chocolate snacks. Let us bring in some good food choices, lose some weight and get a little more active. Together we can get rid of diabetes from your life and hopefully stop you passing it on to your children

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