Eat more, Lose weight

So how can eating more help you lose weight?
Let me explain…..
As a very rough figure, I would say most of us need around 1400 calories per day just for our body to function correctly. To stay alive.
I see a lot of food diaries from clients when they first start working with me and most people under eat.  So most are quite shocked when suddenly I increase how much they are eating. It feels quite unnatural to them to increase how much they eat and lose weight.
When you go on a ‘diet’, you generally restrict something? Whether it carbs, fat or just solid food in some cases. All this will lead to a calorie reduction and most likely, it will put you below 1400 calories per day. You get away with it for a few days, maybe even a week or two but then you derail and go head first into the fridge right? Maybe even the freezer where the ice cream is?
This is because your body cannot take it any more and needs calories. And it doesn’t care at this point where they come from. So you binge, come off your diet, feel depressed and the cycle starts all over again a few days or weeks later.
Not only is this type of ‘diet’ unsustainable, it is also harmful to your body.
When you do not supply your body with enough fuel, it plays havoc with your hormones. The hormones Leptin and Ghrelin control how hungry you feel but if you do not supply the correct amount of food they do not work properly which leads to cravings, binges and ultimately, depression.
The most important hormone in your body to control weight loss is Insulin. Insulin takes the sugar (glucose) from your blood stream (put there by the food we eat) and distributes to the body parts that need it most such as your muscle cells. If you do not eat enough food for a prolonged period of time, your insulin will be trying to extract glucose that just isn’t there. In time that effects your body’s sensitivity to insulin. This ultimately leads to type 2 diabetes and the prospect of you injecting insulin into your body everyday for the rest of your life.
Why am I not losing weight when everyone seems to be?
You see everyone else losing 2-3 pounds per week. Yet you are struggling to lose half a pound! Why?
Well, this could be because you have lived on a low calorie diet for so long that your metabolism just isn’t working well for you at the moment. It takes awhile to kick it back into life and the only ways to do that are to shock it by exercise or by increasing your food intake. It may take weeks to get your metabolism working for you again but without it, you will never lose weight.
Workout and eat pizza
This day and age, social media is full of fitness professionals or athletes showing off their bodies. Yet quite often you see them half naked, showing off their perfect bodies whilst eating pizzas or cake. While your at home eating salads and hardly losing any weight? Pisses you off eh?
Well, these people are stuffing calories into their body after a very tough workout. They can afford to eat more food like this just to keep their calories up. The saying that ‘you cannot out train a bad diet’ is incredibly accurate and because these are the only pictures you see from these people, you assume that’s all they eat? Its not. Their day is full of food. Good, nutritious food that supplies there body with all the energy they need to function correctly. As I say all the time, its all about balance.

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