The best Personal Trainer you will ever use

The best Personal Trainer in the world…
Whenever we join a gym we get pt sessions pushed upon us. And this is a great thing! People with little gym experience need a guiding hand. Somebody to show you how everything works and what equipment you should be using. After all, you had a driving instructor to teach you how to drive didn’t you? Why would you think you can just walk into a gym and know what your doing?
But what exactly do you want from your trainer? Have you thought about it before signing up? What are your goals?
I had this message from an online nutritional client this week. They have recently signed up to a new trainer in their local gym.

‘when I’m paying £40 for 45 mins, I expect to feel ‘pushed’ at the end of it and not be able to still walk or not want to throw up!’

Now, I see this many times in gyms. Trainers screaming at their clients for one more rep, not to give up, forget the pain!
Absolutely, a trainer should be able to motivate, inspire and push you through your boundaries. But if I wanted someone to just scream at me to do one more rep, I could pay a homeless person £10 to do that for me rather than pay a pt £45 an hour.
A good coach should take into account your needs, requirements and ability.
They should make sure you perform the correct exercise and in a safe fashion.
They should make you feel comfortable in a gym environment so you are safe when they are not around.
They should record your progress and regularly change up your routine to keep things fresh.
The goal is not to see you struggling to walk out the gym.
The gym can be a nerve racking place for many people. You need a good coach who can help make you feel comfortable whilst helping you achieve your desired goals

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