The Gerson Therapy

5 portions of fruit and veg a day. That is what we have been told for years in the UK.

  • Is that enough?
  • What is a portion?
  • What are the health benefits?
  • What are the effects of not having your ‘5 a day’?
  • What is the Gerson Therapy and how come you have not heard about it already?!
  • How do we know if we are eating enough fruit a veg?


So lets start from the beginning. What is a portion of fruit and veg?

Well, firstly, it is not a potato. All of my clients keep a food diary in one form or another and to begin with, most put down potatoes as one of their 5 a day but potatoes actually come under the starchy carbohydrate category on the UK governments eatwell plate model as shown below. So many people who think they are hitting the bare requirement of 5 fruit and veg….are actually only eating 4.



The reason for having the fruit and veg is mainly to intake all the minerals and vitamins that our body needs to function correctly. All internal systems in the body require various nutrients to function and without taking in these vitamins and minerals, are body is not functioning as well as it should be. This leads to tiredness, more illnesses such as colds and influenza, poor skin conditions, memory loss and even leads on to cancer. Yes, not eating fruit and veg is one of the biggest causes of cancer in the Western world today.


Before we get to that, lets ask ourselves what is a portion of fruit and veg?

Well, it does vary from food to food really but there is some simple guidelines you can stick to to make sure you get a good mix of nutrients on a daily basis.

When making up a plate of food, always start with the veg. Start with a handful of green veg such as spinach, kale, swiss chard, broccoli or cabbage. Then add on 2-3 other vegetables – all of different colours. It is the variation of colours that will supply you with different phytochemicals (this is the vibrant colour in your veg such as the bright red of a tomato or the yellow of a bell pepper) and gives you a great source of antioxidants in the process.

This ensures a good portion size of 3-4 vegetables and a good mix of nutrients. If you do the same with a bowl of fruit during the day and mix in some blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and apple and before you know it, you have surpassed your 5 a day. In two simple meals. So by adding fruit and veg to every other meal of the day (because you are going to eat more than twice) and you will be doubling the UK governments minimum guideline!

*Did you know that in some countries the minimum guideline is over 10 a day?*


So, Cancer. And how does the Gerson Therapy cure cancer?

This is a huge subject that can be discussed for the next 100 pages with ease but I will keep it as short as possible. Please stick with me though – this is a real eye opener!

Cancer is something we all have a chance of suffering from in our lives. If you live in the modern Western world, your chances are very high.

The reason for this links strongly to the current diet of the Western world. It is no coincidence that Cancer rates in the Western world have dramatically increased over the last 50 years. The same time as fast food restaurants and ‘ding’ food has become more readily available in supermarkets (supermarkets – another fail of the modern world). Yet in far corners of Asia where this type of diet does not exist, it seems neither does Cancer! Actually, in Asia and in Greece (where fresh, colourful salads are the order of the day) have some of the lowest rates of heart disease and cancer in the world.

*Take a look at the China study for actual scientific proof of this!*

Gerson Therapy has been around for many years now. The idea being that a diet based on a high amount of fresh fruits and vegetables will treat Cancer better than modern medicine. By vastly increasing your body’s antioxidant levels and internal health, the Gerson therapy technique works by making your body stronger from within so it is able to fight the Cancer itself without the need for external medicines.

Just take a second to think about one of the most most renowned causes of cancer. Radiation.

Now think about how hospitals predominantly treat cancer. With radiation.

Just think about it…….

This is one of the reasons that people get over cancer, move into remission but then suffer at the hands of a different cancer years later. Yes the treatment works on the targeted cancer but you are not addressing the original problem which is high levels of free radicals within your body. And because of this the cancer often resurfaces somewhere else in the body as the free radicals simply move around the body looking for new tissue to attack.

The same applies to all medication if you think about it. Every medication has a list of side effects that are going to cause your body more stress. More stresses on the body means more medication which leads to more stress and more medication and, well, you get the picture. How often do we see people nowadays taking 5, 10, 15 different tablets a day? One tablet to fight the side effects of another. So the more medication you take, the more medication you need and the cycle will never end.

Just think about this….

How many side effects are there from eating too many vegetables?

Yes the Gerson Therapy technique is quite extreme. It involves drinking a fresh fruit/veg juice almost every hour and also includes regular coffee enemas too to clear your colon but don’t forgot that when you have this treatment you are trying to cure an illness so extremes are required at that stage.

Take a look at this  image.


This image is of a person who had a malignant melanoma on their wrist that medicine just could not treat. 18 months of Gerson therapy though and you can see the improvement for yourself.

As I said, this is a treatment stage.

*What I want everybody to do is increase their fruit and veg intake*

Its not just the quantity that matters, food quality makes a huge difference. You might here people (myself included) talk about organic food all the time and you might not see the benefit. You might just see it as overpriced food. Many people do. In reality though, fresh organic food makes THE difference.

You might think you are doing well by going to the supermarket and loading your trolley up with fruit and veg but that fruit and veg is not fresh. It has been in transport for days. In storage for days. Handled a hundred times by various hands. The more a food is handled, the more you reduce the nutritional benefits of that food.

Did you know that by cooking your veg you reduce the nutrients by a further 50%? So add this to the all the above reductions and that 5 a day you are eating becomes incredibly reduced. This is why I strongly recommend purchasing your fruit and veg from local farms and home grown stores where possible. The food tastes better and will have a much better effect on you than the pre-packaged supermarket produce.





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