Do you have a lactose intolerance

Why does cutting dairy help me lose weight?


So we all see the celebrities who look great on the red carpet. When you read how they lost weight and toned up they say ‘all i’ve done is cut out dairy!’

So can this be true?

Well, actually, it can! Many people are actually lactose intolerant and do not realise it. Most people think of lactose intolerance like an allergy. You either have it or you don’t but that’s not entirely true. There are varying degrees of lactose intolerance. So while your having milk in your tea and a yoghurt for breakfast your body is actually struggling to break down the lactose in the dairy. The reason this happens is because your body lacks an enzyme called lactase. It is this enzyme that breaks down the sugar in dairy products that we know as lactose.

Many lactose free products you buy in the shops are not actually ‘lactose free’. Lactose free milk for example is only 50% lactose free. To qualify it as 100% lactose free they actually add in the lactase enzyme to the product to help your body digest the dairy product effectively.

So how does this effect your weight loss?

Well, because your body has not been able to break down the dairy in small intestine (where the lactase enzyme is usually located) it passes through to your large intestine largely intact. This causes an uncomfortable feeling, gas and the key to ‘weight gain’ – bloating!

So by cutting out the lactose you will not actually lose weight but your body shape will change dramatically. This is how the stars look so good. Long term benefits will also include a more effective colon and overall digestive system so absorption of nutrients becomes better, your health improves and that ‘sluggish’ feeling disappears from your life.


How do you tell if your Lactose intolerant?


Obviously the best way is to go to the doctors and get checked properly but a very simple at home check is to drink a glass of full fat milk first thing in the morning. Do not eat or drink anything else for 4-5 hours and measure how you feel. If you feel bloated, gassy and lethargic then there is a good chance you are lactose intolerant and definitely worth you seeing you GP to get checked. If you suffer no ill effects, it is unlikely that you have a lactose intolerance.


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