How bamboo shows us how to lose weight

In China there is a bamboo tree.

That in itself, is probably not that shocking, I agree.


What if I compared this amazing tree to your weight loss struggles though?

You see, this particular tree requires very special treatment to help it grow. To help it flourish.

If you plant a bamboo tree seed it will require watering regularly, feeding, sunshine and care. As all plants do.

However, after the first year, you will see no growth. Not even a small sprouting sticking up above the soil.


So year two, you keep going. Keep watering, nourishing the soil, caring for your seed.

Still no visible growth.

Year three, the same. As is year four. Still no signs of growth above the soil.

Then in year five, you spot a shoot coming out of the soil. FINALLY, some signs that all your years of hard work are paying off!


Then, something magical happens. The tree grows 90 feet in 6 days! 6 DAYS!


Now ask yourself this….


Has the tree really grown 90 feet in 6 days? Or has it grown 90 feet in 5 years?


Of course, the answer is 5 years. Because without the time and effort to build its foundations and its roots it would not be able to suuport its huge growth. Without its roots and base, the tree would simply topple over.


And this is exactly the same as you and your weight loss.


Yes, you might think that small habit changes, mindest work and lifestyle changes are not giving you the huge growth and instant gratification that you desire but you are putting systems and foundations in place to grow yourself over time. Making yo-yo dieting a thing of the past.


If a farmer who planted a bamboo tree seed was to dig up the seed every 6 months looking for growth, he would be hindering his own progress and negating all his hard work. He would be letting his own self doubt sabotage all his hard work.

Instead, if he trusted in the processes and hard work he was putting in, his tree would flourish.


Just think about this tree on the days when you feel you are not seeing progress.

Are you doing the right things on a daily basis? If you are, trust in what you are doing and the results will come.


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