How to deal with stretch marks

Stretch Marks:


One of the most unsightly body images and a very unfair side efecct of losing weight.


Commonly associated with pregnancy, stretch marks are just as troubling for people trying to lose weight.


Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain and weight loss. The marks themselves are the result of the dermis (middle layer of skin) tearing due to the rapid weight gain or stretch.

This allows the deeper layer of skin to now show through, causing the stretch marks.


Apart from many surgical procedures and creams/gels, there is not a great deal you can do about the stretch marks naturally once you have them. The good news is that most will fade considerably over time on their own anyway.


There is many things you can do though to help prevent the stretch marks occuring in the first place.


Yo-Yo dieting is a big cause of stretch marks. To minimise the effect you need to lose weight by taking part in regualr exercise and by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Aiming to lose 1lb per week is always best and will minimise the damage that the stretch marks seem to enjoy causing.


It is also important to eat nutritous food. Food high in all vitamins and minerals – eat a colourful plate of food. Vitamins E and C are very good for the skin as is fish based omega 3 oils. Nuts and seeds also will help your skin stay supple and wrinkle free.


Unfortunately stretch marks can be very depressing and as result can cause comfort eating patterns which in turn, gain weight and cause more stretch marks. It is a horrible cycle to get caught up in.


Increasing your niacin levels in your diet (Tuna, chicken, avocadoes and peanuts) will help to lower depression. Couple this with some raw cacao powder to increase your seritonin levels and you will soon be feeling in a better mood


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