6 ways to beat coffee cravings

Now, more than anybody, I have to fight this demon everyday.

I do LOVE my coffee!

So why is drinking coffee so bad for us?


Here are just a few downsides to this very tasty drink

  • Can cause headaches
  • Causes dehydration
  • Can increase insomnia effects
  • Can increase snacking (particularly on sugary snacks)
  • Cause high blood pressure
  • Causes your heart to beat faster/work harder
  • Raises your resting pulse rate
  • Can increase the effects of depression


I think we can agree, there are some good reasons there for lowering our coffee consumption.

As much as I love my coffee, I do limit myself to 1 cup per day because of all the reasons listed above.


You can do the same by following these 6 simple tips

  1. Dont drink coffee first thing in the morning. All this will do is peak your caffeine addiction really early in the day and you will always end up wanting a second cup at some stage. Save your coffee for a treat mid-late afternoon instead.
  2. Drink more water. Yes I know this seems to crop up in all nutrition blog posts but it really is so important! Fill up on water so you do not feel the need for the coffee.
  3. Switch to decaf. This is a no brainer really. Lowering the caffeine intake will limit the cravings whilst still enjoying your drink.
  4. Limit stress. Many people reach for coffee in stressful situations. By managing your whole lifestyle and looking to eliminate stressful triggers and situations you will by default, lower your coffee intake.
  5. Switch to green tea. Although you may find breaking the habit of a hot drink tough to break, try switching to a green tea. Much healthier, higher in antioxidants and much lower in caffeine!
  6. Keep coffee drinking to a social occasion. Save your coffee drinking for cafe time with friends. I wouldnt go as to the cafe as much as they did in the famous Friends sitcom, but having some time out 2-3 times a week with friends and great coffee can and should be enjoyed.


So there is 6 simple tips to cut coffee and live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

I look forward to seeing you again in my next blog post 🙂



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