How to beat the chocolate munchies

This has to be one of the top questions fired at me when people are on a program.


How can I conquer the chocolate monster?!


The answer is simple, yet it is one of the hardest things in the world to do im afraid.


I will keep this blog simple and list below a few options that have worked well for me in the past (yes, I too have a ridiculously sweet tooth!)

Go without:

Simply conditioning your body to live without chocolate (or any sweet treat) for 4-5 weeks is by far the most sustainable way around this. It is also, unfortunately, the toughest way around this.

You will find this hard, you will get headaches caused by the sugar withdrawal and you will crave chocoalte even more for the first week. BUt over the course of 4-5 weeks your body learns to live without the sugar. Your hormones regain a healthy balance. Your liver, pancreas and blood sugar levels return to their healthy state.

It is hard, yes. But once you get over these 4-5 weeks it will not be an issue again.


Treat yourself daily:

Set a time each day to have some chocolate. Lets say around 4pm each day?

Have no other chocolate apart from this one piece at 4pm every day.

You will slowly start to regulate hormones, blood sugar levels etc without the headaches and constant cravings.

You will also look forward to this treat everyday so you feel you are rewarding yourself everyday for being good.

You can then start to reduce the amount of chocoalte you have in this 4pm sitting. Or even start to treat yourself every other day.

Its a longer process, but you wont feel so deprived by going down this route.


Brush your teeth:

Its simple. When you get a craving for chocolate, brush your teeth or eat a mint or have some chewing gum.

The mint flavour will help to quell the chocolate craving.


Bin it:

Don’t keep chocoalte nearby. If it is in your works drawer or your fridge, it is too easy to get to.

If you have to purposely walk or drive to the store to pick some up, you are less likely to go to that extreme.


Walk it off:

Lastly, go for a walk.

The fresh air and the exercise (which gets endorphines flowing just like the chocolate does) will supress the craving for a few hours at least.


So there is a few simple ways to quell that sugar/chocolate craving 🙂


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