Why diets don’t work


A totally misunderstood word that is branded about by everybody as a way to lose weight.

The media are the worst ones for this!

The word diet should simply refer to our way of eating. The types of food that we regularly consume.

This can be used geagraphically to describe the Western diet for example. Or the diet of our ancestors.


Diet does not mean to lose weight.


So now that we have addressed that, I can explain why the modern day ‘diet’ does not work.

This modern interpretation of the word diet usually means a restriction of food or drink.

The low carb diet and the low fat diet spring almost immediately to mind.

These restrictive diets will work in the short term yes but they pander to the modern world. People have short attention spans nowadays so if a weight loss program works for a few weeks then it will be seen as successful. After all, you would have lost interest after 4 weeks or so anyway right?


So you lose some weight and all is good. Then you put it back on in time until the moment comes when you want to lose it again (pre holiday or pre wedding maybe?) and so you revert back to this ‘successful diet’ that worked for you before.


There begins the ‘yo-yo diet’.


What happens when you restrict something? You want it more right?

This happens when you restrict food. If I was to say that im going to help you lose 4 stone but you can’t eat any cake (and we all love cake) then the plan is going to be very hard to stick to. All you are going to think about is CAKE!!


However, if I was to say you could still lose the same amount of weight AND EAT CAKE, you are going to enjoy the plan alot more and be much more likely to see it through and see success.


The quicker you can change your thought process from, “I cant have this” to “I can have this but I don’t want it”, the quicker you will see success. Your confidence and belief in yourself will skyrocket and you will have a plan than you can stick to for life.


The truth is that you will always want to eat cake (or whatever your favourite treat is) so what is the purpose of restricting it? The moment you come away from your restrictive plan then you will reach for the cake and, surprise surpise, the weight starts to come back on straight away!


It is no good starting what you will refer to, as a ‘diet’. Yes you need to make changes if you want to lose weight and/or improve your fitness but the changes need to be small, sustainable and sensible. Ideally, incorporating elements of your current lifestyle so that the transition is easier. In time, we can make more changes but you do not need to change everything at once. You will just find it too hard to stick to and you will fail quicker than you succeed.


So lets just start with a few small, sensible changes and take it from there 🙂


If you would like to know more about this sustainable method of losing weight, please tell me a little more about yourself below…


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