Hitting that January diet wall

So how are you feeling after Christmas?
Still feeling bloated?
Have you started a New Years health and fitness regime? – Are you still on it today? January 3rd?
The temptation is to put it off until “all the crap food is eaten, then i’ll start”.​​​​​​
If that is you then I suggest you stop eating all the crap food and make a start today. Now. Draw that line in the sand.
By eating all that left over rubbish now you are just taking your starting point even further away from your end goal.
If you have started your healthy 2018, then there is a good chance now, halfway through day 3, that you are beginning to find it tough.
This is perfectly normal. I liken it to hitting the wall when you are running.​ It’s so tough that you want to quit but if you just push through this wall it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier 🙂
So don’t give up now!
It will become easier in a day or two :)​​​​​​​ ​​​​

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