Why calories no longer matter


Let me start this by saying that calories are a great guide as to how much we are eating, but….

Why focus so much on the number of calories you consume?

As you can see from the picture, calories can be made up in many different ways and 2500 calories of cake are going to react totally different in your body to 2500 calories made of lean grass fed meats, fresh organic veg and wholesome single grains.

🍰 Although eating 10 slices of cake a day can sound attractive, how s**t are you going to feel?

You will feel:
🤢 Sick
🤢 Tired
🤢 Low on energy (once the high wears off)

You will gain:
😨 Poor skin complexion
😨 Diabetes
😨 High Cholesterol
😨 Heart issues
😨 Excess fat
😨 A muffin top

So if you switch to not counting calories, points or sins and focus instead on good quality food – look how much amazing food you can actually eat EVERYDAY!!!


✅ You have more energy
✅ Your skin is glowing (and not from a greasy shine)
✅ You have greater confidence
✅ You are receiving compliments
✅ Dress/trouser sizes are dropping
✅ Weight is falling off
✅ Food is a pleasure again!
✅ You look forward to meal times
✅ No more restrictions
✅ You no longer analyse the nutrition info on the packet before you eat
✅ You are thinking clearer
✅ You are more productive
✅ You feel fitter, sharper, stronger
✅ You don’t sweat so much
✅ You are smiling more

😁 All by making the shift from counting calories to eating a natural, healthy and un-processed diet 😁

Knowing how many calories you are eating is good and my clients start off by tracking theirs but we very quickly move away to a more natural way of looking at, eating and enjoying food!

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