About your coach

Read on to find out what makes me the best coach for you


Having always been active from a young age and a keen sportsman, it took me 34 years to finally realise that nutrition was my passion. I always wanted to help people improve their own fitness and nutrition but it was not until a change in circumstances made me realise I wanted to make nutrition my life.

After achieving diplomas in Human Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Nutrition for weight Loss I began to realise that becoming a Personal Trainer was also a requirement for me. So now, at the age of 37, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Consultant.

I have worked as an Assistant Coach for the Men's Great Britain's Indoor Hockey Team, worked as the teams Nutritional Advisor and trained at GB level as a player.

I do not base myself in a gym because, as a keen OCR athlete, I believe that the best exercise and equipment is mainly found outdoors and the body is the only weight you really need to work with.

I am just like everybody else. I am not a guy who lives in a gym everyday and that finds everything around nutrition easy. I am almost 40 years old and have lived a 'normal' life too so I can understand how hard it can be to juggle work, life and a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays I like nothing more than helping amazing people like you get their lives back and spending time with my dog. You will see my dog, Oscar, in many of my videos and pictures and he comes with me when I meet a lot of my clients. He is part of the business now :)​​


I have been around people all my life that have tried to lose weight. I have seen people try all kinds of diets and have been frustrated for years that people would do crazy things week after week and move from diet to diet to only wonder why all the weight would come straight back on.

My philosophy is built around help and education over time, rather than quick fixes. Small changes to your current eating habits that will stick with you forever and that promotes not only sensible and sustained weight loss, but an improved healthy body.

By working with me, you will learn how, what and how much to eat. You will not be restricted any foods but instead learn how to balance everything and for the first time - enjoy losing weight! I take great pride in my attention to detail with each individual and you will never be treated as just another number. This is a long process, but it is a life change. This is not a diet.