**HiiT and Healthy Program**

​Look, Move and Feel your Best

Enjoy the benefits of mixing group coaching with 1-1 coaching with your own Nutritional Advisor, Personal Trainer and NLP coach.
How to obtain sustainable weight loss, health, happiness and fitness....
For too long now, fad diets and weight loss gimmicks are all that have been available to you.

The luxury of having a personal trainer or a private coach or mentor is just too expensive so you have to stick to low end programs such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World of Slim Fast Shakes! Well, not any more!!

I am making my proven online HiiT and Healthy Program available to everyone in Milton Keynes for the reduced price of only £776 for 6 months

What is included in your HiiT and Healthy program:
  • A 28 day kickstart nutrition program
  • Access to your a VIP coaching group with people similar to yourself
  • A video group coaching call every Saturday Afternoon at 3pm
  • 7 day access to your own private mentor
  • Regular Educational modules to help you progress and understand your body and mind. Most modules come in PDF, audio and video format
  • A recipe bank of over 150 simple and tasty recipes to enjoy
  • 10 new recipes per month added to the private VIP group
  • The A - Z guide to sustainable weight loss video series
  • Access to a bank of at home workout videos to boost your weight loss and help you tone your body
  • A 7 day mindshift video series to help you focus on your own mental strength and self love
  • A personalised gym program (should you require it) reviewed every 12 weeks
  • Weekly accountabillity - you will be required to complete a weekly assessment form to help us track your progress and keep you moving forward
  • Personalised supplementation advice
  • Your very own habit tracking course within the program - keeping things simple for great results
  • Access within the program to specialist guest coaching videos 

Benefits of this HiiT and Healthy program:
  • Sustainable, health, happiness, fitness and fat loss
  • A program you can follow for life
  • Increased fitness
  • Increased body confidence
  • Better Sex
  • Better Sleep
  • Clearer kin
  • Less Stress
  • Improved mood
  • Constant guidance and support
And all this is achieved within a small and friendly group environment - with the added bonus of access to your own mentor 7 days a week!

Of course, at this stage there will be a mix of excitement and fear - that is perfectly natural.

All the information you will be sent via email is itself enough to see all the benefits listed but you are going to have the constant support of your own coach all the way. 7 days a week!!

This program cost breaks down to just over £100 per month which is less than 1 x pt session per week (£35 x 4 = £140) yet you are receiving all the benefits listed above with 7 days complete access!!