• Feeling bloated and fat after Christmas?
  • Spent too much and have no money for the rest of January?
  • Feeling miserable as a result?
  • Do you want to lose weight and win upto £1000 cash doing it?
  • All for less than the price of a trip to Starbucks?

Then you need my January Jumpstart!!

Everybody starts January wanting to become healthier and lose some weight/inches. Especially now you are carrying that exra Christmas weight!!

We all have these visions of fitting in glamorous and flattering clothes. Smaller jeans. Going to the gym and being 'one of the faces' but realistically how long does that last? 3 weeks? 2 maybe?

And what about the money?? Who has money to spend on Personal Trainers in January when you are still trying to pay for Christmas?!


What is the January Jumpstart?

A 31 day nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program designed to get your 2018 off to a flying start

It is a personalised nutrition program

An at home workout program

It covers other lifestyle aspects to help reduce your stress and sleep better

It is easy to follow with individual exercise videos you can perform at home with no equipment and in as little as 4 minutes per day!

You will get 40 tasty recipes to add in to your own personalised nutrition plan so you never get bored of eating the same repetitive foods!

The program can be yours for less than 2 coffees per week!

And best of all, to help you out with the January blues..........


Do you think you are going to sign up and be left to your own devices? Oh no!

You will join a special VIP Facebook group with all other members and myself!

Within the group you will get access to me and this is where you will find your 40 awesome recipes!!

At the end of January the best results from the January Jumpstart program will win upto £1000 cash*

How do you win £1000 cash?

At the beginning of the program you will take 4 pictures (along with a visible daily newspaper for proof of date) and several body measurements.

At the end of the 31 days, you will repeat (including a daily newspaper) all pictures and measurments.

All members before and after pictures and body measuremnets will then be judged by a 3 person judging panel.

The winner (or winners**) will then be notified via Facebook on or before February 7th 2018

Payments of the cash prize will then be made by Direct Bank Transfer.


Sign up for your January Jumpstart program today and get 2018 off to the start you have always promised yourself!!



  • The final cashprize will depend on the number of paid entries prior to January 1st 2018. Half of all payments received will be used as the cash prize - upto a £1000 limit on cash prizes. If 10 people sign up for the challenge (each paying £31) then the cash prize will be £155. If we reach the limit of the £1000 cash prize, then the pot will be distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. These winners will be selected after January 31st by our panel of 3 judges. If the £1000 prize limit is reached, prizes will be as follows: 1st place - £500. 2nd place - £300. 3rd place - £200.
  • The judges decisions will be final and all winners will be notified within the VIP members Facebook group by February 7th 2018.  Results will be judged on weight lost, measurement changes and physical appearance. Winners will then be announced publicly on social media on February 8th 2018 using both the before and after pictures as evidence.
  • All new members will be added directly to the VIP Facebook group so the final cash prize will be visible to all. ie. if there are 30 members in the group, the cash prize will be £465.
  • The final prze breakdown will be announced within the VIP facebook group on January 1st
  • All before/after pictures will remain confidential and stored in a password protected computer file until they are used to announce the prize winners.
  • The January Jumpstart program will be handed out to all pre paid members on or around December 27th.
  • Any before/after pictures that are taken without a visible daily newspaper showing the date the picture was taken will not be accepted and your entry to win the cash prize will be void.
  • All befor pictures must be taken between December 30th 2017 and January 1st 2018. After pictures must be taken between January 31st 2018 and February 1st 2018. 
  • Before pictures must be received to us by no later than January 3rd 2018 and dated as detailed above. Failure to do this will make you ineligible for the cash prize.
  • After pictures must be received by February 2nd 2018 and dated as stated above. Failure to meet these deadlines will mean you are ineligable to win the cash prize.
  • Mark Sleight will check into the VIP Facebook group once a day to answer any questions or to provide support. Mark will not be responding to private Facebook messages, emails or text messages regarding the January Jumpstart. If you have questions, please ask within the VIP Facebook group.
  • All information supplied within the January Jumpstart program is correct at time of writing. All the information you require to succeed is within the program and this program has served 100's of people over the last 3 years, however, the onus is on you to stay motivated and continue to stick to the advice within the program for the 31 days.
  • If you know of any medical conditions that will prevent you from taking part or require any specialised advice, you MUST inform us before signing up. The information within the program is generic so if you have ANY medical conditions or food allergies/intolerances then you MUST inform us before starting the program. Mind Nutrition Fitness and Mark Sleight Nutrition take no resonsibillity for any illness or injury that results from you taking part in this program.
  • After payment has been received via the Paypal links above, you will need to add Mark Sleight as a friend on Facebook (this is your responsibillity to do this and will be sent email instructions once payment is received). Once you have been added as a friend you will be added directly to the VIP Facebook members group