How Lisa threw away her scales to finally transform her life!!

I would like you to meet Lisa.

At the time of writing this, Lisa has been in the program for 12 months and I will let her explain her journey in her own words....

My needs were not simple as I have health issues and food intolerances but Mark has managed to help me, support me and inspire me each and every week of this journey so far.

Mark is easy to talk to and takes time to listen and truly understand my mindset, needs and weaknesses. He inspired me to push my fitness to another level and this became my focus as my battle with the scales was a bitter and frustrating one!

Instead of a weekly weigh in I do a monthly progress photo and avoid the scales.

This has spurred me on to keep pushing. As my fitness improved I needed a tougherfitness session and Mark suggested I try Insanity. I've now completed 110 days on the Insanity program and Im now starting my 4th week of T25 along with running 3 times a week!

When Im having a bad day, Mark has helped shift my mindset. When Im struggling there is always advice and support regarding food, health, focus. Im a very busy, self-employed woman with no time to faff making complicated recipes or trying to figure out a workout. Mark cuts through the nonsense and overwhelming amout of bad information that is out there. His approach is straightforward and it works. He gets results because he doesn't baffle with B.S.
He informs, he educates and he supports.

No quick fixes.

Long term changes for long term results.

I have recommended Mark many times and will continue to do so.

Men and women of all ages can achieve goals and get results with Mark.

My results? 

I couldn't say weight wise as I still havent stepped on the scales but my Bra size is down from a 40D to a 36FF. I am 3 sizes smaller in jeans and tops. Im even a shoe size different!!

More than that, my health is much improved and I make informed choices because of the information from Mark. His recipe packs are fabulous, his videos and posts are real. There's no faddy nonsense. If your thinking of trying one of Marks programs, do it. You will be making progress before you realise it.




Thanks Mark