How Phil lost 10kg eating Fish and Chips!

I would like you to meet Phil.

Phil came into the Hiit and Healthy program in February for 6 months.

Phil had an initial goal of reducing his weight from just under 100kg to something under 90kg.

We had a couple of rules from the start though!

Friday night had always been fish and chip night with his family and Phil wanted to keep that.


Phil also wanted to know he could enjoy a night out once a week with his wife. Maybe go for a meal at the local pub and have a few beers or share a bottle of wine.



Other than that, it was just a few small changes here and there. Some small exercise added in for 20 minutes 3 times a week and here are the results 2/3 of the way into his program.

These 38 inch jeans were a perfect fit for Phil in February!

We actually got Phil to under 90kg relatively quickly and have since set a few more targets which are working to now but the most important thing is for Phil to maintain his current weight and be able to do that easily without feeling like he is always on a diet.

This is why the fish, chips and beer were so important to keep in the program. Had we taken them out, the moment Phil reintroduced them into his diet, his weight would once again increase.

Keeping them in also meant Phil never felt he was being denied anything he loved which is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

A keen rugby fan, Phil and his wife have spent a few weekends away eating, drinking and watching the rugby. But due to how his program was set up, this hasn't affected Phils weight.

The small amount of exercise has started to tone Phil up in certain areas as you can see but it has also led Phil to get out cycling again and increase his distances/reduce his times in the process!

Phil has done a great job the last 4 months, Im sure you will agree 🙂

If you wish to know more about the program Phil has been on and how you can eat fish and chips and still lose weight, book in for a free call below 🙂