Welcome to the Superhero Coaching Series!

Starting in June of 2017 I decided to start bringing together all my friends and the best coaches in the business so that I could put together this amazing video series for FREE!

The aim of the series is to provide you with a wealth of factual and reliable information to help you live a healthier and happier life.

The series will also be entertaining so expect a few laughs along the way!

Episode 1 - What a way to start as I welcome Olympic and World champion Kriss Akabusi onto my series. Watch Kriss' trademark energy and enthusiasm come out as we discuss health in your 60's, training, meditation and Tiger Woods!

Episode 4 is the owner of Sustained Results - Rhia Clayton. A mum of two young boys and a former physique model, Rhia and I discuss how you can still lose weight and lead a healthy life whilst bringing up a young family. - Find out why I have a black eye in this video too! - You will also find Rhia gusting on my podcast on a regular basis

Episode 7 is the owner of The Fitpreneurs - Simon Lovell. A qualified personal trainer, Simon now focuses his energy (and he has a lot of it!) on helping other fitness professionalls grow themselves and their businesses. Having worked with Simon myself, I can vouch for his excellence in transforming my own mindset and during this video we discuss ways that you can improve your own mindset and change the way that you think about yourself to help you achieve ANY goal that you are reaching for. Another much watch episode with one of the best coaches in the industry!

Episode 2 - Anna Marsh from Anna Marsh Nutrition discusses the importance of the gut with me. Sit back and enjoy as we delve into our own past gut issues and how we have used simple techniques to cure IBS.

Episode 5 - Ru Anderson from Exceed Nutrition. Ru was my first coach when I moved my business online and we have both been big believers in the benefits of habit coaching. In this video we discuss how incorprating new habits into your life every fortnight can massivley change your life!

Episode 8 - Julie Keehn - Owner of Rhino Fitness. Julie is a personal trainer and gym owner from Kansas in the USA. Julie is a huge crossfit fan and in this video we talk about how nerve racking it can be to step into a gym for the first time, how you can get the most from your workouts and how to conquer your fears!

Episode 3 - Shane Nugent from SJN Nutrition discusses the small changes we can all make to our lives to improve our health and gain greater, sustainable weight loss results.

Episode 6 - Nic Buckley, Creator of Strongher You. In this amazing and geeky episode, Nic and myself (although mainly Nic!) discuss how the brain massively efffects your daily life and ultimately, your success on any program or goal you are trying to achieve.