In this video is the 2016 World Crossfit Games Champion Mat Fraser demonstrating a gym based Tabata session.

One of the many benefits of Tabata is that it can be performed almost anywhere and sessions can be run with no equipment.

Read on below to see how Tabata can benefit you (after you have watched the video of course)​

Reasons for starting Tabata training today!


Tabata training is tough but it is the most efficient way of burning fat. 3 sessions a week for 3 months and you will see greater benefits than any other form of training


Although intense, sessions are short and can be performed in minimal space with little or no equipment. This means you do not have to set aside 90 minutes per session as you do at the gym. Tabata sessions are usually only 40 minutes long


Tabata is not just for fat loss. Tabata training is proven to increase your lung capacity and reduce your recovery times more than any other form of training available


Tabata is still relatively new in the UK. By starting Tabata training now you will get a huge edge on everyone else and their outdated training routines. You WILL be the fittest person you know!

So we have seen what the fittest man on Earth, Mat Fraser, can do in a gym based Tabata session but not all of us are capable of working to that level or even have access to weights or a gym.

One of the main advantages of Tabata is its flexibility. Most of my Tabata sessions are conducted outdoors or in peoples homes/gardens and the sessions are planned with either very few weights or none at all.

For a typical Tabata session you can expect exercises such as...

Upper Body

  • ​Press-ups
  • Sky pounders
  • Boxing

Lower Body

  • ​Squats
  • Skipping
  • American Football drills


  • ​Plank holds
  • Walk outs
  • Back extensions

Take a look at the video below one of my Tabata sessions that is available to my VIP members within my group

The Technical Bit...

The Tabata training method was founded by Izumi Tabata in the mid 1990's but is still relatively unused in the UK to this day. ​Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training yet studies have proven that Tabata training yields the best results out of all forms of high intensity workouts. Tabata training has been proven to increase aerobic capacity by 14% and anaerobic capacity by as much as 28% over a 6 month period. 

Throwing amazing numbers around is great but how does it work?

Well, each 'round' of Tabata will last for 4 minutes. This is split into 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeated for the 4 minutes. This will total 8 working rounds of 20 seconds in the 4 minutes. Whilst maintaining good form, you push yourself as hard as possible for the 20 seconds. ​You can put as many rounds together as you like with a 60 second rest between rounds. 4 - 6 rounds is a good guide depending on your fitness level.

The way the rounds are structured can vary greatly. You can do back to back exercises for the 4 minute round. eg Press ups and squats, alternating between the two exercises. This way your legs will get a 40 second rest whilst you perform the press ups and vice versa. This is probably Tabata in its simplest form. Variations can also include muscle group targeting, muscle fatiguing, pre-exhaustive work, supersets, gym based, weight based, cardio based, indoor, outdoor and even water based. The imagination is really the only limit to Tabata training. Tabata can be performed in very little space and with just your body weight, all you need is a stop watch!

Yes, it is tough but the results are truly amazing. Although most people I train here with Tabata are sportsman than take part in short, intensive sports such as Ice Hockey, football and tennis, I also use Tabata with long distance runners to vary their training, increase their VO2 max and to aid their recovery times.​

Tom Fung

"Tabata has improved my fitness and helped me prepare for various running events including a half marathon. The sessions have been great fun and I even have abs now! I never had them before!"