TOP TIPS with Fiona Campbell

The following short videos have been put together with top nutritionist Fiona Campbell to help you understand all the basic elements of weight loss, health and fitness. You will find all episodes contain honest knowledge bombs about how Fiona and I live our daily lives along with actionable steps to help you do the same.

Fiona Campbell is a writer, TV and radio broadcaster, and experienced clinician.

She is a regular guest on BBC Radio and Sky News and NTV Kenya.

She also advises some of her favourite brands, such as Lizi’s Granola and Pulsin on new product development and consumer education. Fiona’s key mission is to dispel the myths we commonly encounter through the press and social media, and to direct us back towards sensible food and lifestyle choices like getting a better night’s sleep, and a balanced lifestyle that allows for prosecco, chocolate and cake!

For daily inspiration you can check her out on Instagram @fionanutrition, and Facebook/Twitter @topbodytips.

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