Its GUT HEALTH week!

This week I want to start working through some gut health subjects.


Your gut, or second brain as it is sometimes referred to, is arguably the most important aspect of healthy living program.

The reason for this is because the gut is responsible for SO MUCH within your body.  We are well aware that the gut is responsible for breaking down food, extracting nutrients and eliminating waste but it is also responsible for hormone balance, energy levels, reduction of illnesses/diseases, weight loss and many other bodily functions that you might not be aware of.

Over the coming days, I will expand on this subject a lot more and will even be bringing in gut health expert Anna Marsh to explain how we can repair our gut for otimum health.


Starting today is a video on why it is important to un process your diet. This video will touch on gut health but it will become even more important once you watch the video with Anna in a couple of days time.