Who do you trust online with your health when there are so many choices out there?! 
Which diet is right for you and do you have the self motivation to see it through during the tough times?

My mission is to take all my years of working as a GB coach, a weight loss coach, nutritional advisor and a personal trainer and put together bespoke programs for individuals - not generic 'one size fits all' products.

I aim to educate rather than dictate what you should be eating and not only help you fight the fat and make sure it stays away but also to help reduce the effect of common ailments such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and IBS.

I know you have probably been struggling for years with many of the problems listed above. If this is the case, you can book in for a free call below to see how working with me can not only transform your body shape and and your internal health but you will soon start to become happier in all aspects of your life as a result.

To see the amazing transformation you could achieve, see what 2 of my current clients have to say below....

My needs were not simple as I have health issues and food intolerances but Mark has managed to help me, support me and inspire me each and every week of this journey So far.

Mark is easy to talk to and takes the time to listen and truly understand my mindset, needs and weaknesses. He inspired me to push my fitness to another level and this became my focus as my battle with the scales was a bitter and frustrating.

Instead of a weekly weigh in I do a monthly progress photo and avoid the scales.

This has spurred me on to keep pushing. As my fitness improved I needed a tougher fitness session so Mark suggested I try Insanity. I've completed 110 days on the Insanity program and I'm now starting my 4th week of T25 along with running 3 times a week.

When I'm having a bad day, Mark has helped shift my mindset. When I'm struggling there is always advice and support regarding food, gut health, focus. I'm a very busy, self-employed woman with no time to faff making complicated recipes, or trying to figure out a workout. Mark cuts through the nonsense and overwhelming amount of bad information that's out there. His approach is straightforward and it works. He gets results because he doesn't baffle with B.S. He informs. He educates. And he supports. No quick fixes. Long term change for long term results.

I have recommended Mark many times and will continue to do so.

Men and women of all ages can achieve goals and get results with Mark.

My results? I couldn't say weight wise as I still haven't stepped on the scales. Bra size is down from a 40D to a 36 FF. 3 sizes smaller in jeans and tops. Even a shoe size difference!

More than that, my health is much improved and I make informed choices because of the information from Mark. His recipe packs are fabulous, his videos and posts are real. There's no faddy nonsense. If you're thinking of trying out one of marks programs, do it. You will be making progress before you realise it.




Thanks Mark

Lisa Alsford

The 6th August 2015, a date that changed my life for good. I had made the decision that I had to do something about my weight and fitness before it was too late. I’d seen the results that another of Mark’s clients had achieved and how happy they were with their progress, so on 6th August 2015 I began Mark’s 12 week body transformation plan. No additional exercise that this stage, just getting my food intake and nutrition correct and monitored. 12 weeks later I’d lost 3 stone without ever feeling hungry, there were even a few ‘cheat days’ in there!

Now feeling much better about myself and knowing I could do this without being stupid I continued eating the right stuff and introduced a target for steps per day of 6000. I didn’t always achieve that but the weight continued to drop by 1lb per week on average.

Having gained in confidence I arranged to start one-to-one HIIT sessions with Mark in September 2016. That first session was a killer and I didn’t achieve much at all, now a year on from that I really enjoy our sessions and feel bad if I’ve had to miss a week. The range of exercise and the weight used have developed over the year and Mark keeps pushing me on without overdoing it. The weight keeps dropping by an average of 1lb per week, sometimes there’s no change one week but I feel so much better in myself.

I’ve now lost 7 Stone since that date in 2015, I still have a way to go but I have objectives and am working toward them. I’ve signed up with Mark for another 12 months to continue this journey as it goes without saying that I feel so much better about myself than I did on 6th August 2015!!!

Dave Fairhurst                 

In this modern world, we all want the quick solution. The quick fix.

But I would like you to think of something for me.

How long have you been:

Feeling unhealthy?
Unfit and struggling with small day - day tasks?
Feeling unwell?
Suffering with joint aches?
Getting regular headaches?
Feeling disgusted when you look in the mirror?
Struggling with self confidence?
Feeling bloated?

If you have answered in years then im afraid the answer is not a 12 week quick fix.

The only way to long term fat loss and health improvements is to address many lifestyle factors rather than going to these quick fix, sometimes fad, diets time and again.

To see long term success you need to be looking at lifestyle factors, stress levels, relationships, sleep patterns, rest periods, gut health and mindset as well as your nutrition and exercise routines.

So if you would like to start on a successful and proven journey like so many before you, then make a start today by contacting me below

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